The Sickest Squad



Starting off their career as "Sick Dj Team" in 2000, the Italian duo formed by Samuele Gozzo and Jacopo Stevenato, after their first release, reached a new dimension and developed a brand new sound becoming the artists known nowadays as "The Sickest Squad".

Their sound soon evolved to be what today it's defined as Sickcore as its purest, releasing popular tracks like Boomshakalaka, Minimal is Criminal, Blue, Zombie and many more.

With their popularity increasing as their sound slowly becoming their trademark in each and every release, TSS started to become a guarantee in the underground scene. This gave them the chance to perform at the most important parties and festival throughout Europe and faraway countries like Canada, Australia, Colombia and Japan, bringing their sound to be known worldwide.

This energetic and creative duo came up with their own label, "Brutale", in 2014, supported by Sonic Solution. The idea behind it was to give people an alternative to what other underground labels released at the time, in order to spread underground sounds of all kinds and genres throughout the globe. Once the label was created, they tried to pursue this aim by performing with their top artists what it is called "Brutale Act".

For the same and shared desire of getting as many people as possible to love and be passionate about their music and Frenchcore in particular, TSS together with two of the top artists on the scene Dr. Peacock and Billx, came out with a new project called "Frenchcore Familia".
This new format kicked off for the first time at Defqon.1 2019 where the Familia drove the crowd insane with thousands of people attending their sets and getting everyday one step closer to their goal.


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The Sickest Squad

Destination Unknown


The Sickest Squad

Psychedelic People


The Sickest Squad



The Sickest Squad & Tanukichi



The Sickest Squad

JIAMF Ode To Buzz Fuzz


The Sickest Squad

Deep In Your Mind


The Sickest Squad - Destination Unknown

Dr. Peacock & The Sickest Squad - This is Your Illusion

The Sickest Squad - Psychedelic People

The Sickest Squad - Insomnia

The Sickest Squad & Tanukichi - Supernova

Frenchcore Familia - We Never Gonna Stop


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